Direct Deposit

Tired of waiting in line to pick up your check and then waiting in line to cash your check just to wait in more lines to take care of business? What if your payroll department is closed or the banks are closed the day you get paid? It makes no difference if you have direct deposit!

Direct deposit allows the money to be sent automatically to your account the day you get paid without waiting. Being on vacation, weather issues – no problem! The money is sent to your account and on your pay day you can use your ATM card or VISA debit card to access your funds. You can begin paying your bills without having to pick up a check.

Contact your payroll department and ask how they set up direct deposit. You will need your routing number and account number of the deposit account. The routing number for accounts is 265 377 073. Contact us to verify your information before setting up direct deposit to ensure that your funds are being deposited to the correct account.

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