Online Bill Pay

Our Bill Pay program is not only easy to use but it is secure, too. As long as you have a checking account at JAFCU, you may have access to Bill Pay. Take your last bill that has all the account information and it is easy as that to set it up. To set up simply sign into your Online Banking and:

  • Click on the last tab Bill Pay.
  • Set up security features.
  • Once it is set up, it will take about 24 hours to confirm setup (If setup is done on a Friday-Sunday it will be confirmed by the next business day.)
  • After it is approved, you can begin adding your bills.
  • You'll need account name, company name, company address, account number, and contact number.

You can schedule for one-time payments or schedule the same amount for re-occurring payments. Finding time to pay the bills and then wait in line can be a lot of hassle. Our Bill Pay program allows you to schedule your bills when you want them to be paid. If the bill isn't due until next month, that is okay. You can still schedule that bill to be paid even months ahead of time. Just don't forget to write it down in your check book.