Loan Products

Auto Loans

New Car, used car, antique car, or just need a little extra money?

We provide a full array of financing options for vehicles. Does someone else have you financed at a higher rate? We may be able to provide you with a better rate, lower payments, and overall better package than what you have now.

In the market for a car and don't really know what you want? You can get pre-approved for a vehicle so shopping for that special vehicle is easier on you.

Setting up a vehicle loan with Jackson Area FCU is not only quick and painless, but it is convenient too! We can set up payroll deduction making those payments easier to handle too! We also have a variety of insurance packages, as well, making the whole process a one stop experience. We will show you how easy lending really is at Jackson Area FCU!

Personal Loans

Between paychecks? Going on vacation? Car repairs? Just need a little extra money? Jackson Area FCU has a variety of signature loans that is backed by your credit. From payroll deduction or cash pay to multiple payment options and insurances, we can help make things a little easier each month. Worried about interest rates because of your credit? We have the tools needed to help you make those payments easier on you while building your credit.

We also offer savings secured loans. If your credit isn't that great, need to build up your credit score, or just want a lower interest rate, we can secure a loan against your own money. Building your credit or taking care of that money without breaking the savings account is as easy as a savings secured loan.

We are here to help you make it a little easier to handle life's bills and anything else that may come your way.