Join Jackson Area Federal Credit Union by opening a share savings account and establish your credit union membership! All it takes is a $25.00 minimum opening deposit that you maintain the life of your credit union membership. Earn monthly dividends on average daily balances of $100.00 or more! Once you are a member, begin reaping all the benefits of credit union membership and find out why more people are turning to credit unions for all of their financial needs!

We offer a share draft checking with all the rewards! Enjoy account access with a Visa Debit Card, plus free online banking & online bill pay! We have a variety of check styles to choose from when ordering checks too!

Are you prepared for retirement? Are you looking for an account to provide you with additional retirement funds? Look no further than an IRA! We offer Traditional IRA’s and Roth IRA’s. Whether you are looking to make automatic deposits or transferring funds from a 401k or other retirement account transfers, we have an IRA tailor made for your transaction!

If your desire is to be financially prepared for the holiday season, then a Christmas Club account at Jackson Area FCU is the account for you. Save money for buying gifts, groceries or end of the year spending with a Christmas Club.

We can set up an automatic transfer from your primary account to go in your Christmas Club. You may also choose to make deposits on your own throughout the year. Keep in mind when you withdraw funds from a Christmas club for any reason during the year, there is an early withdrawal fee of $5.00.

Beginning in November of each year, the funds in your Christmas club are transferred into your savings so you have access to your money for spending!

Need a separate account to save funds for a Very Important Purpose or just for a rainy day? Start by opening a VIP account! With a VIP account you don’t have ATM access taking away the temptation of spending your money. You can also set up automatic deposits or deposit money on your own!

Certificates of Deposit or CD’s, are time deposits and for that reason a higher dividend is earned on CD’s. When you open a CD, your intent should be to invest your money for the CD term you have chosen.

CD terms are available as little as 6 months and as long as 36 months. We require a minimum opening deposit of $1,000. Should something come up and you need to withdraw money from your CD, an early withdrawal penalty will be imposed. See our fee schedule, for early CD withdrawal penalties.

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Coindexter newsletter.

At JAFCU, we care about the financial success of all our members. That’s why we proudly offer the Coindexter Club for children up through age 12 to learn how to earn, save, spend, manage, and invest money. Membership in the Coindexter Club at Jackson Area Federal Credit Union is free with the opening of savings account in your child’s name and a minimum $25 deposit.

The Coindexter Club aims to make learning fun for your child and easy for you. The articles, activities, and videos are structured to challenge children at different ages and levels of development. The Coindexter Club provides kids with hours of fun as they learn lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Club Features:

  • Educational video lessons: The club’s primary learning tool is an ever-expanding collection of fun financial education videos. The video series provides information and guidance to children on a board spectrum of money-related topics.
  • Newsletters: The Econopolis Observer is a quarterly, interactive newsletter mailed to each club member that contains educational articles and activities. Each theme-based newsletter also offers an engaging interactive that allows children to scan QR codes to access the latest video as well as the quarterly-featured game or activity.

To explore these great features, simply visit Let the fun and learning begin!

Visit the attic!

It's the official meeting place of the Coindexter Club. Here, you'll find lots of fun games, downloads and other activities to enjoy. Have fun, and thanks for being a member of the Coindexter Club!

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iCount at my credit union!

group of teens

iCount is the ultimate teen destination for all things money. We know you're not a little kid anymore. And whether you consider yourself a kid, tween, or teen, we want you to know that you count! That's what iCount is all about-YOU.

  • Your membership with our Credit Union
  • Your money know how
  • Your getting what you want.

Discover what iCount is all about!

Check out the interactive website of all things money
Read the Current iCount Newsletter

Free2B checking is a checking account with no monthly service charge to those ages 18 to 25 years of age.

Free2B account holders enjoy their first check order free of charge, a quarterly oops! NSF fee refunded at the accountholders request, and more!